Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Picked Looks

Spring has finally arrived and i have been feeling so joyful and creative since the sun shines brighter lately. I've told you about the confusion i always had when it comes to special occassions and invitations are already started to coming up. So soon it will be a complete event season and guess what? Of course i am having problems with the dresses as usual.
But this time i have decided to check online stores occassionaly and stopped by a really lovely website called Picked Looks.

Look at those and imagine yourself in one of these dresses. Wouldn't it be just like a red carpet feel? I bet it definitely would.

By the way, although my wishlist is always full of neutral pale and pastel colors, they have such a wide color sheme. You can easily find your dream dress in your favourite color on Picked Looks.

I have also chosen two evening dresses in Sale for my wishlist. You should check all their evening dresses in such amazing prices. But don't forget to click on the pictures to take a closer look on my favourite ones. Maybe we have some tastes in common :)

You can see what other people like and buy from the site when you click Style Gallery. I think this is a very good idea making a gallery full of happy customers in their beautiful dresses looking amazing. This is just so cool. Thumbs up!

PS: Senior girls! You should click and check out prom dresses on Picked Looks as soon as possible. Their prom dresses are just like out of a fairy tale.

If you like online shopping or just like to loose yourself scrolling down countless options on online stores, please check out the site and tell me which ones are your favourites. What colors do you mostly prefer wearing on such special evening occassions?

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Sui Kara said...

get one.