Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yesterday, i've got an e-mail from dear Alessandro Manzi, one of the three designers of IL SISTEMA DEGLI OGGETTI, including his very kind words about NeonPlease and attached their SS11 collection. I'm really glad that i've got the chance of looking through their fresh and simply perfect designs. Now, all i want is you to get to know IL  SISTEMA DEGLI OGGETTI, so let me introduce.

IL SISTEMA DEGLI OGGETTI,  arises from Caterina Coccioli, Anna Lottersberger and Alessandro Manzi,
litterally ‘The systems of objects’ comes from the book of 1968 by J.Baudrillard. It is an Italian brand, completely hand-made in Italy, but with a contemporary and international spirit, for a man and a woman who like 'to talk' each other. 

The mission of IL SISTEMA DEGLI OGGETTI is to build a ‘system’ of fashion icons, re-inventing and re-proportioning the historical ones: parka, biker jacket, kimono, blazer, with the typical designers’ methodology.

IL SISTEMA DEGLI OGGETTI has three primary values:
. Everyday uniform: daily recurrences, tainted by codes and technical features from uniform world, over the army meaning. No ‘Mess dress’, no need of ceremonies or special occasions.
. Fascinating ordinary: daily nature is fascinated by the extraordinary elaboration of proportions, fabrics, colors, printings, seams and other finishings. The history of the single item merges with the personality of the purchaser, emphasizing his own well-being and fulfillment.
. Sex- Sense : universal garments-patterns, due to male and female physique, elating the body without exhibitionism or useless eccentricity.

IL SISTEMA DEGLI OGGETTI introduces itself as a young contemporary brand, high-end positioning for a target of male/female adults, completely aware, with a personal and full-grown style, searching for an easy feeling. The collection is for who wants eternal garments, to be proud and enthusiastic of.

It was also selected for the September Issue on Vogue Italia as MOST UPCOMING MENSWEAR DESIGNER and the only MENSWEAR Brand in the new concept store DOLCE&GABBANA-SPIGA2.

Il Sistema Degli Oggetti SS'11

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Catherine Bell said...

these clothes are amazing. esp. the first set. and handmade, ow sighhhh! i love the sheer crop over the shirt. beauts.