Monday, June 8, 2015

Neon Please Illustrations

I'm excited to show you my works for the first time since NeonPlease has been released in 2010. Since that time i have been focusing on catching up all fashion and design news, latest trends, celebrity looks, editorials and ad campaigns, fashion events, streetstyles on and on (the list goes on) and try to select best content to bring up to here. But lately i was feeling like something's missing about what i'm doing here. (That was also a reason of my long breaks) I was trying to set apart my work from here thinking my work and what i do here are whole diferrent subjects. I realize i was totally wrong. I decided to combine both on here and mostly on instagram and tumblr. I will try to share my art in the most "fashionable" way as much as i can and hopefully bring new ideas to life.
Thank you for keeping following me for such a long time and i hope you enjoy my new works.
Please keep supporting me if you like my works on tumblr and instagram.
Hope you all have a nice week.

Love from,

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Ivana said...

Great illustrations!