Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Black & White

Latest Black & white crushes.


Filipa said...

stunning! I love every single picture, they're really inspiring <3

XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

love this! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

jackffy said...

Nice blog! (;

Maybe u wanna follow each other?

Love, Jackffy

Carla Verne said...

Great blog ;) Maybe u wanna follow each other?
Keep in touch.

Brass Knuckles said...

This blog is really incredible -- beautiful eye for style and color. The Bona Drag stuff is aweseom! I can't wait to read more, I'm a
follower! Please check out my blog too!
xxo.Brass Knuckles

La Lara said...

Congratulations! I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award!!

Check it out here:

Keep up the awesome blogging! :)


Carla Verne said...

Great photos!
I follow u and now I'm waiting for your turn! ;)

Novarinna Tan said...

Great photooooss!! <333 amazingg..
followd u too