Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sasha Pivovarova, Santa Lolla Spring2011

I think Santa Lolla's Spring Collection doesn't have so much interesting outfits but has beautiful bags and shoes. And those colors have spring soul definitely. But what impresses me is shoes, really. They look so chic in some kind of casual look. I spend my time looking for new items for this and next season and i am bored of seeing shoes that are too rough (like military boots, i don't care what you think sorry i hate them) or too fancy and sexy in propulsive way (of course i have favourites but anyway) I think these shoes above are definitely for me. Hope you like them too. Please click on the images to enlarge cuz i know they're a bit small.
photographed by Henrique Gendre
via fashiongonerouge

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Britty said...

the bags are beautiful and the shoes!!!